Friday, September 28, 2012


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Celine and the woman that made Celine...CELINE. I've been wanting to make this Philo shirt for a while now, however I have been in the search for the perfect rolled sleeve t-shirt that will just give that effortless coolness that Phoebe Philo vibes. I am so happy with the result of this dyi and this shirt is definitely on the top of my favorites right now. (Be prepared to see me rocking this shirt ALOT) 

Topshop T-Shirt, Zara Shorts (old but similar here), UNIF Hellraiser, Kate Spade Necklace (old), Miu Miu Sunglasses, Hermes Bracelet, Bulgari Bracelet 


StyleNonsense said...

I WANT This T-Shirt!

Fashlounge said...

The use of color on your blog is just a breath of fresh air.. LOOOOVE IT.

Ritika Mahendru said...

Love your style and the OOTDs.. Nice blog!