Friday, October 12, 2012

Purple Brick Wall

I just came back to LA from a much needed quarter break. I'm finally starting to feel the fall breeze as temperatures have dropped but it is still sunny and nice during day time. I used this oppurtunity to pull out this outfit I've been waiting to wear for the longest time, I was so in love with this outfit on the ASOS site I got both the sweater and skirt and just added a touch of color to make it more personal. 

ASOS Skirt & Sweater Celine Bag, Zara Heels, Miu Miu Sunglasses 

P.S. I have been so fortunate to have Michelle and Elizabeth from Loving Life Designs to help me customize my blog and make it more accessible to my viewers and I am so happy to present to you guys the improved version of my blog with links to my Instagram, Twitter, Pininterest, etc.. I am so thankful for the ladies at Loving Life Design and be sure to visit their super helpful site on customizing your own blog.


charsd said...

Wow, these photos are so vibrant! Loving that sweater from ASOS :)


StyleNonsense said...

Great POCs!